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Chapter 14 Spirit

Dragon Prince Yuan by 天蚕土豆 , Li Hu, also known as \\\\\\\'天蚕土豆\\\\\\\', \\\\\\\'Heavenly Silkworm Potato\\\\\\\'

01:55 PM

Under the attention of Yaoyao’s bright eyes, Zhou Yuan’s body started to move once again as the ninety eight forms of the frolicking dragon were unhurriedly performed. It was done in a much more experienced manner this time, and felt a little more natural with his now coordinated breathing.


As the final action was done, Zhou Yuan once again opened his mouth as a faint dragon roar echoed from within his body. His body immediately jerked while Genesis Qi converged towards him, transforming into a white stream that was swallowed by Zhou Yuan with a single gulp.


As Genesis Qi entered, his body felt like a burning stove. With a thought from Zhou Yuan, the Genesis Qi once again began to surge towards the first meridian channel in waves.

This lasted for another half an incense stick of time.

Zhou Yuan’s body glowed with red light as a wave of heat evaporated his sweat. He could feel the slightly more loosened first meridian channel and a smile emerged from the corners of his lips. After some rest, he started to do the ninety eight forms of the frolicking dragon again under Yaoyao’s watching eyes.

In the following period of time, two faint dragon roars sounded in succession. This meant that Zhou Yuan had attacked his channels twice more.

In addition to the previous two times, the total number had reached four!

Four sets of meridian channel unblocking!

An ordinary practitioner that had yet to open his first meridian channel could only attempt to unblock his meridian channels once a day before it would become somewhat unbearable to continue. Yet, Zhou Yuan had done it four times. Just how tough were these meridian channels of his?

As she stood by the side, ripples finally emerged in Yaoyao’s eyes.

However, Zhou Yuan was currently in no mood to pay any attention to Yaoyao’s expression. His burning body was seated on the floor and he could feel a faint piercing pain pulsing from the meridian channels in his body. This showed that his meridian channels were about to reach their limits after four sets.

A smile involuntarily formed on his lips as he felt his first meridian channel. The originally sealed channel had clearly loosened even more after the fourth set.

“At this rate, I might not even need a month. In ten days, I will be able to completely unblock my first meridian channel!”

Even with his mental fortitude, Zhou Yuan could not help but become rather emotional when he thought of this. Cang Yuan had said back then that opening his chanels again would be even more difficult than normal, so he had been prepared to wait several months before opening his first channel. Yet who could have expected that the toughness of his meridian channels and the might of the Dragon Breathing technique would shorten this time to such an extent.

Back then, Su Youwei had used a month to open her first meridian channel, an achievement that made her the fastest channel opener in the Great Zhou Institute.

Just imagine what level his pace of ten day would be.

Of course, Zhou Yuan understood that Su Youwei’s achievement was solidly based on her own talent and hardwork. After all, she had neither a high class Qi drawing method, Nine Beast Soup nor Mysterious Crystal Rice.

Hence, it was really difficult to say who was better.

However, one point was certain. Due to the fact that it was his second time opening his meridian channels, Zhou Yuan would be surely be more powerful than Su Youwei when she had opened her first meridian channel. As for how much stronger, he could only test it when the time came.

“Looks like even grandpa Hei has underestimated a second-time channel opener like you.” Yaoyao’s airy voice was tinged with a sliver of shock.

Zhou Yuan chuckled. “Someone as pitiful as myself is probably quite rare.”

Yaoyao nodded in acknowledgement when she heard this as a faint smile started to show it self on her face. “That is true. Born with naturally open meridian channels yet having them sealed later on. Such a situation is indeed very rare.”

“Ch ch.” On the ground, Tuntun pointed at Zhou Yuan with mockery in its eyes.

Having been mocked by a little creature, Zhou Yuan grinded his teeth, grabbed a stone and threw it at Tuntun.


However, Tuntun ate the stone in a single gulp before giving a provocative and menacing look to Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan laughed. His eyes seemed to turn in thought as he fished out a piece of dried meat from his clothes. It was Genesis Beast meat that had been roasted with the utmost care and was used to recover his energy.

Tuntun’s eyes were immediately glued to the piece of dried meat the moment it appeared. Its pink tongue peeked out while saliva dripped from the tip.

“Hehe.” Zhou Yuan evilly chuckled as he stuffed the meat in his mouth and started chewing. *Little bastard, you dare to fight me.*

Ao ao!

Tuntun was infuriated upon seeing this and released a few barks.

While Yaoyao watched Zhou Yuan tease Tuntun, she suddenly said, “If it really becomes angry, it will even eat a human. Do you plan on seeing what the inside of its stomach looks like? I for one have never seen anything come out alive from Tuntun’s stomach.”

Zhou Yuan’s chewing mouth suddenly froze. He carefully observed the now erect-tailed Tuntun that was glaring at him before looking at Yaoyao with a forced smile. “You will stop it, right?”

Yaoyao’s red lips curved slightly as she seemingly smiled and replied, “Perhaps.”

“You’re good!” Zhou Yuan gritted his teeth and immediately took out all of the Genesis Beast dried meat he had on him. With a smile plastered across his face, he offered them to Tuntun and said, “Come on, feel free to eat till you’re full!”

Tuntun instantly pounced towards Zhou Yuan. It pulled all of the meat into its mouth with a single swipe of its tongue and started chewing furiously. However, it looked as if it was very satisfied with the taste as its tail was happily wagging from side to side.

After devouring the dried meat, Tuntun seemed to find Zhou Yuan a little more pleasing to the eye. It stood up and lightly patted Zhou Yuan’s shoulder with a paw, as if saying ‘you’ve done a good job’...

Zhou Yuan’s mouth twitched a little. This little bastard was practically human.

“Big sis Yaoyao, exactly what rank Genesis Beast is Tuntun?” Zhou Yuan looked towards Yaoyao and asked in curiosity. He had never seen such an intelligent Genesis Beast.

The origins of this seemingly little-dog-like Tuntun were surely extraordinary.

Yaoyao seemed to mull about it for a while, before ultimately shaking her head. “I too do not know. Tuntun has been at my side ever since I can remember. However, grandpa Hei has said before that if Tuntun fully matures, there will be practically nothing in this world that it cannot eat.”

Zhou Yuan inwardly wet his lips. To think that Cang Yuan had given such a high evaluation of Tuntun. Looks like this little bastard was really not simple at all...

“Big sis Yaoyao, master said before that you are pretty skilled in Genesis Runes?” Zhou Yuan pushed Tuntun’s paw away from his shoulder before looking up at Yaoayo with a smile.

Yaoyao’s long shapely eyebrows raised slightly as she replied, “You want to learn Genesis Runes?”

“I’ve always been learning Genesis Runes. After all, if I was really unable to open my meridian channels, that would have been my final hope.” Zhou Yuan honestly confessed.

Yaoyao bent down slightly as her slender fingers picked up Tuntun. She held it in her arms and she gently stroked its fur while the now slightly arched Tuntun comfortably lay on her satin-like skin. This sight made the corners of Zhou Yuan’s eyes twitch as he secretly cursed 

the little bastard’s luck.

Yaoyao lightly stepped forward, walking in to the stone pavillion and elegantly seating herself on a stone stool. She propped up her cheek with a hand as she languidly looked at Zhou Yuan and said, “It is too tiring to teach. I don’t feel like it.”

Zhou Yuan also sat himself on another stone stool and quoted his offer. “Although the Jadeite Brew is a fine liquor, there are plenty of things that are better than it. I will help you find them.”

A beautiful smile emerged on Yaoyao’s small face when she heard this. The brilliance of that moment made even the hundreds of flowers in the flower park lose their color, while also causing Zhou Yuan’s heart to beat a little faster.

She faintly smiled and said, “So understanding.”

Zhou Yuan also smiled. Soon after, he said, “But you may still only drink a bottle a day.”

Yaoyao’s smile was withdrawn as she scowled at him.

However, Zhou Yuan did not concede. After all, interest was interest and should not be without control. Cang Yuan had mentioned that Yaoyao was unable to utilise Genesis Qi. Thus too much excessive drinking would harm her body.

Yaoyao could only grind her teeth when she saw that Zhou Yuan was unwilling yield, but she could ultimately only give him a vicious glare.

“Since you’ve studied Genesis Runes before, you should naturally understand what is most important, right?” Yaoyao put out the embers of rage in her heart as she spoke in a flat voice.

“The spirit.” Replied Zhou Yuan.

Yaoyao nodded as she slowly said, “Then do you know of how the different levels of Spirit are classified?”

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