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Chapter 22 Advent of the Newcomer Exam

Dragon Prince Yuan by 天蚕土豆 , Li Hu, also known as \\\\\\\'天蚕土豆\\\\\\\', \\\\\\\'Heavenly Silkworm Potato\\\\\\\'

06:34 PM

As time flowed, the date of the newcomer exam grew increasingly near.

For the greater part of the month, Zhou Yuan had not relaxed even for a single moment. He practiced the frolicking dragon forms daily, relentlessly attacking his meridian channels time and time again, while every night was spent on the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method to temper his spirit.

In addition, the gaps in between were spent learning Genesis Runes from Yaoyao along with diligently practicing the Dragon Step and Dragon Tablet Hand.

This enriching and highly intensive training made even Zhou Yuan’s body ache all over at the end of each day, while his mind was even more exhausted. Fortunately, Zhou Yuan would become as lively as a tiger and filled with energy after the night’s practice of the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method.

It was then that Zhou Yuan finally felt the benefits brought by the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method.

Although the training was tough, the results from persevering through it made Zhou Yuan jump with joy. He had finally unblocked his second meridian channel just two days before the newcomer exam...


In the flower park.

Zhou Yuan’s foot shifted as his figure gave off a faint feeling of mist. He seemed to move carelessly, but his speed was extremely quick, appearing a dozen feet away in a few steps.

At the same time, his fist seemed to flicker. Every punch was slow and heavy, but when he punched, the faint sound of wind could be heard, making it clear that these punches contained great force.

These were obviously the Dragon Step and Dragon Tablet Hand.

The Dragon Step was ungraspable as the mist, while the Dragon Tablet Hand gave off a weighty feeling. Fast feet and slow fist. Contrary to expectation, the combination of the two was rather impressive.


Zhou Yuan’s faintly flickering fist suddenly slammed into an artificially placed rock in the park. The rock immediately shook as numerous cracks grew on it. In the end, the rock collapse with a loud boom.


Zhou Yuan deeply exhaled, releasing a ball of white Qi. He looked towards the shattered rock in satisfaction.

Zhou Yuan mumbled to himself, “The Dragon Tablet Hand has three levels, shatter the mountain, split the earth and break the sky. With my two channel strength, I can only use shatter the mountain.”

After half a month of bitter training, he had gained an even greater understanding of the Dragon Tablet Hand and now knew that there were three levels to this technique. Of course, the names of these levels had come from Zhou Yuan himself for the sake of intimidating his opponents. After all, given his two channel strength, he would not be able to shatter an entire mountain even if he obtained complete mastery of the technique.

No matter how high grade a Genesis technique was, it needed the support of abundant and powerful Genesis Qi to fully display its might. On this point, his current Genesis Qi was still much too sparse.

If he was to reach the Heaven Gate stage, his Genesis Qi would become so abundant that a mere breath would be able to shatter a mountain.

Even so, Zhou Yuan was already very satisfied with the power of the Dragon Tablet Hand. After all, the opponents he had to face at his current level were not so inconceivably powerful.

“It is nearly time for the newcomer exam. I have to take one of the top ten spots and enter the A class, else with just Youwei alone, it will be difficult to keep Qi Yue in check.” Zhou Yuan’s eyes flickered. Qi Yue was the source of the confidence for Qi Manor to take the position of headmaster.

The headmaster position was too important. If it fell into Qi Manor’s hands, king Qi would definitely do a clean sweep of the ranks and stealthily change the Great Zhou Institute into the Great Qi Institute.

This would be a fatal blow to the royal clan and Zhou Yuan absolutely could not let it happen. Thus, he would do everything in his power to ensure that the number one spot of the year-end class rankingl exam ended up with the A class.

Zhou Yuan inhaled as his eyes gradually turned sharp. Of course, before all of that, he had to first make sure that he would successfully enter the A class through the imminent newcomer exam.


On the day of the newcomer exam, the fish-belly-white sun rose from the horizon as the atmosphere over the Great Zhou Institute became extremely lively and filled with excitement.

Every new student who entered the institute would have to take part in the newcomer exam after a year of training. They would subsequently be allocated to a class and continue on to more advanced training.

Therefore, there was no need to doubt the importance of the newcomer exam in the institute.

When Zhou Yuan arrived at the exam practice field, it was already a boiling cauldron of noise. Numerous boys and girls gathered in groups as they chatted with each other, each and every one wearing expressions of both nervousness and excitement.

Zhou Yuan saw Su Youwei in the biggest group. She was undoubtedly the group’s center of attention and the sight of this appeared somewhat like a bunch of stars surrounding the brilliant moon. After all, not only was she pretty, her talent was likewise amazing and she had a determined character. All these factors undoubtedly made Su Youwei the focus amongst the newest batch of students.

A faint smile emerged on Zhou Yuan’s face as he watched this scene. He could still recall the time when he met Su Youwei a year before, back when she was only a little girl covered in grime. It was as if she had undergone a complete metamorphosis.  Not only was she enchantingly beautiful, she also gave off a glow of confidence, causing numerous boys to adore her.

All of these changes originated from her own efforts. All Zhou Yuan had done was point out a road for her to walk.

In the crowd, the faintly smiling and chatting Su Youwei seemed to have sensed something and lifted her pretty face. Her gaze met Zhou Yuan’s and the smile on her lips fully blossomed. The brilliance in that moment caused the eyes of the surrounding boys to brighten.

However, before they could redouble their efforts to be friendly, Su Youwei had already politefully smiled at them and exited the crowd. With her small hands behind her back, she unhurriedly walked towards Zhou Yuan, eyes like crescent moons and a smile on her lips.

Zhou Yuan stared at Su Youwei. He could faintly sense that the Genesis Qi surrounding her body seemed to have grown stronger and immediately asked, “Opened your fourth meridian channel?” 

“Opened it long ago. The reason why you do not know is because you’ve not come to the institute recently.” Su Youwei’s bright eyes blinked a few times as she spoke in a somewhat grudging tone.

Zhou Yuan could not help but let out an awkward chuckle when he saw her gaze. “I was also working hard in my training.”

“So are you confident in your chances?” Su Youwei’s eyes contained some worry. She did not know that Zhou Yuan had already found his meridian channels and thus believed that he could only depend on Genesis Runes.

Zhou Yuan grinned as he nodded. “Don’t worry, I will definitely enter the top ten.”

Su Youwei was somewhat relieved when she saw his confident smile and responded with a light nod.

While Zhou Yuan was chatting with Su Youwei, several gazes habouring malicious intentions were staring at them from a nearby platform.

“Looks like our prince does have the balls to take part in the newcomer exam.” A smile was plastered across Qi Yue’s face though it contained a trace of mockery.

“To think that learning a few Genesis Runes would make him so conceited. He truly overestimates himself.” At Qi Yue’s side was the girl called Liu Xi. She had a pretty appearance with thin red lips, and was currently staring at Zhou Yuan in disdain. Her gaze would shift over to Su Youwei from time to time as jealousy flitted across her eyes.

In the past, she, Liu Xi, was the most adored pearl in the Great Zhou Institute. However, all of this had changed after Su Youwei appeared. Not only was she extremely popular amongst the newer students, even the boys from the various classes would talk about her from time to time. Such popularity was clearly not ordinary at all.

This made Liu Xi extremely furious. In her eyes, Su Youwei was merely a lowly commoner, someone worlds apart in both status and nobility compared to herself. Yet, this commoner girl had obtained popularity that surpassed her own, a fact that really infuriated her.

Lin Feng stood slightly behind Qi Yue. The former was expressionless as he watched the chatting Zhou Yuan and Su Youwei, but a cold look flashed in his eyes.

When Qi Yue saw the look in Lin Feng’s eyes, he could not help but chuckle as he patted the latter’s shoulders. “No need to worry, everything is already in place. I have prepared the most excellent opponents for his highness for every match.”

He smiled superficially as he stared at Zhou Yuan and said, “Since he dares to come, I will let him receive so much humiliation that he will no longer dare to show his face in the Great Zhou Institute ever again.”

Upon hearing these words, Lin Feng and Liu Xi exchanged a look and laughed. Looks like there was going to be a good show during today’s newcomer exam.

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