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Book 1 Chapter 2.2 - Night Assault

Demon Hunter by Misty Rain of Jiangnan (煙雨江南)

06:21 PM

By following the markings on the wall, Su easily found his way to the logistics domain. The residents he encountered all took the initiative to greet him. For them this light blonde young man was simply dressed a bit differently. Without talking about his third level sniping capability, or his Grace Company credentials, just his charming and mysterious left eye was enough to offset his bandaged body.

After finally making his way into the military area, Su saw a large black man who was currently busy within a large pile of firearms.

“Tony, could you help me make a few bullets?” Su handed over a blueprint.

Tony swept out his large hand and cleared up a small area on the table with firearms piled everywhere to properly lay out the blueprint. He only glanced it over once before cracking open a smile and speaking with astonishment, “Hah, the recoil of these bullets could shatter your shoulder! Only those abnormal individuals that genetically improved their defenses could use this stuff.”

“I need twenty rounds.” Su’s green eye revealed a clear smile. He liked this robust man’s straightforwardness.

“Alright, twenty rounds. Either way, you third level snipers are all freaks,” Tony grumbled. He evaluated the supplies needed and then reached out a large hand. “Ninety yuan and a day’s worth of time. I can’t go any lower.”

For handmade bullets that weren’t standard make, this price was extremely fair. Su handed over a majority of his funds without any hesitation.

After receiving the money, Tony couldn’t help but stare at Su’s shoulder. He couldn’t imagine how his weak and frail shoulder could handle such a violent recoil force. Regardless of whether it was someone who has undergone defensive or strength genetic modification, they would all show clear characteristics of it, such as developed muscles or thick bone structures. Regardless of whether it was the somewhat frail body or his 179 centimeter height, Su did not seem to have experienced any of these enhancements.

Tony shook his head and decided not to think any more about this question he wouldn’t be able to find an answer to. From his perspective, those that became level three snipers were all freaks regardless of what areas they modified themselves in. He himself, was not included however. Tony’s third level specialized in firearm remodeling. This fell under the ability category, and so it was quite different from those that specialized in combat.

“Early tomorrow morning, the base committee wants to have a talk with you.” Tony allocated gunpowder while speaking. “They should have some kind of mission for you. You should understand that opportunities for our small base to hire a third rank mercenary are not high. Committee chairman Old Anthony is also a combat specialized third level soldier, but while defending the residents in a battle ten years ago, he lost an arm and half a leg, and as a result retired and became the committee chairman. He is a kind and honest person that understands what a third level soldier represents. I believe that he will give you an appropriate mission and suitable reward. I advise you to consider his offer.”

“Thank you.” Su’s reply was simple yet extremely sincere.

Tony’s large mouth cracked open as he chuckled. His snow white teeth were extremely eye-catching as he said, “You saved Turner, so you are my friend as well. I, Tony, will never treat a friend unfairly. Although…”

Tony shrugged his shoulder and continued, “Although in this era, the word friend has practically become forgotten.”

After choosing a box of explosives, Su then left the military region.

“Hey, if you are looking for some fun, then go to Red X! There are some sexy girls there!” Tony hollered towards Su who had not yet walked through the doors.

Alcohol, hallucinogens, and women in Su’s eyes all equated to trouble. He did not like trouble at all, and as a result did not pay any attention to Tony’s suggestion. Instead, he returned to his room to rest.

After carefully locking up the door, Su then arranged an indiscreet mechanism that looked like nothing more than a strand of metal within the keyhole. Turner was rather popular within the base, and in fact, was one of the seven members of the committee. Since Su saved his life, as well as his entire small troop, he should be rather safe here. However, nothing in this world was absolute, and Su preferred to be careful.

After making all of the necessary preparations, Su lied on top of the bed and his green eye closed. His breathing slowed and his body temperature slowly reduced as he sank into a strange state of sleep. The large modified pistol was placed at his feet, and his left arm was lightly laid atop of the gun.

In Su’s opinion, the time he was awake was one world, and the time he spent asleep was another. This world of darkness would at times be peaceful, and at times one of clamoring and fragmented monstrosities. When awake, most of these fragments would fade from his memory.

In new environments, Su’s sleep would normally be extremely light. This signified that he would be in a quiet and dreamless state of sleep that would allow him to react to any small changes. Base N11 was definitely a new environment, and as such, Su was very careful when asleep.

However, today was not a night without dreams. Su once again sank into an irresistible world of dreams.

This was a green world, and everything in his line of sight was floating within water ripples. It was as if this entire world was immersed within the green liquid. Through the rippling light, he could see countless faces. There were those that belonged to humans, and even more that didn’t. These faces appeared before him one after another, and their lips opened and closed, creating clashing sound waves. It was as if they were repeatedly saying something, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t understand a word. Whenever a face appeared, it would trigger a completely different feeling within him each time. Numbness, itchiness, and aching covered him seemingly endlessly, inflicting upon him a pain that made him want to tear his body apart!

These faces would mostly appear once, with only a select few emerging more than two times. There were only two that appeared more than twice. However, no matter which face it was, they were all blurry and unrecognizable. As a result, Su had no idea whether he had encountered any of those faces before.

The dreams repeated themselves, and when he woke up, they would fade from his memory. As a result, Su never really knew what he experienced within those dreams.

This time, his dream had not continued for its full duration when it was interrupted by an outside source.

A signal immediately triggered within the depths of Su’s mind, and ten messages immediately spread throughout his body. As a result, his body suddenly shifted thirty centimeters. He stood up, and his left hand gripped the pistol. He jammed it forward with lightning-like reflexes into the uninvited guest’s chin.

This string of movements were carried out in an extremely fast manner, and only when the gun was aimed at its target did Su open his eyes. In the darkness, his eye shone with an eerie green light. This was a true light, as well as his sharp gaze.

“Who are you?” Su said in a low voice. His deliberately suppressed tone together with his naturally soft voice added even more attraction to his voice. On the other hand, the almost fifty centimeter long pistol contrasted greatly with that smooth voice.

The large gun, its exceedingly long barrel, and the gun point made it quite clear that it could easily shatter the brains of even the most powerful iron-plated bear from this distance. This was not a pistol that a normal person could use, with a recoil force that was comparable to an old style automatic rifle. If wielded single-handedly, if the first shot did not fracture all the bones within one’s arm, then the recoil force would still greatly affect the arm, making it much more difficult to aim future shots.

However, the pistol had already been jammed into the intruder’s chin, so there was no need to worry about accuracy. Even if this one shot broke Su’s arm, it would still only happen after the intruder’s head was blown off.

The head in front of the gun seemed rather fragile and weak. Forget about this extremely rough pistol, even an ordinary handgun would be able to easily take this individual’s life. However, not many people would quickly pull the trigger. After seeing this individual’s face, even less men would want to immediately pull the trigger.

This was an extremely beautiful young lady, and from her outer appearance, she didn’t seem to have reached twenty years of age yet. Under the harsh conditions of the new age, women often looked much older than their actual age, so she might be even younger than eighteen.

She had maroon colored eyes and wheat-colored skin. Her erotic lips had a somewhat strange purple color applied on top, and a beautiful pair of large eyes were looking at Su. Within them was panic, but also a excitement and expectation. She wore short leather clothes, with the collar area cut extremely low and the hem being short as well. A smaller half of her bulging breasts and much of her slender waist could be seen. She didn’t seem to have much else underneath her leather clothes. A pair of jeans covered her lower body, tightly sticking to her large bottom and slender legs as if they were a second layer of skin.

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