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Chapter 21 Dragon Step, Dragon Tablet Hand

Dragon Prince Yuan by 天蚕土豆 , Li Hu, also known as \\\\\\\'天蚕土豆\\\\\\\', \\\\\\\'Heavenly Silkworm Potato\\\\\\\'

02:13 PM

“Two Genesis techniques?!”

Zhou Yuan’s heart shook, eyes full of excitement as he looked towards Yaoyao. The Dragon Breathing method master Cang Yuan had imparted to him was deeply profound and obviously not ordinary at all. Hence, the two Genesis techniques contained within it were likely not simple as well.

Yaoyao gently stroked the Tuntun and slowly said, “These two Genesis techniques are known as the Dragon Step and the Dragon Tablet Hand.” 

“Dragon Step? Dragon Tablet Hand?” A pensive look emerged on Zhou Yuan’s face.

He could faintly sense that there were indeed some mysteries within the ninety eight forms of the frolicking dragon. However, he was incapable of clearly identifying them. After all, the only thing master Cang Yuan had done was throw Dragon Breathing at him, and a disciple groping about in the dark by himself would undoubtedly result in rather slow progress.

Thus, he begged with his eyes at Yaoyao.

Yaoyao displayed a very faint smile and winked at him.

Zhou Yuan knew what she meant. With a wave of his hand, a servant girl immediately sent over a bottle of fine liquor. Only then did Yaoyao nod her head in satisfaction before lifting Tuntun and throwing it out of the stone pavilion.

Upon seeing her actions, Zhou Yuan’s eyelids jumped as a feeling of unease bubbled within him. “Could it be that Tuntun also knows?”

Yaoyao’s red lips curved slightly, displaying a playful expression as she replied, “Back then, grandpa Hei would teach Tuntun whenever he had nothing to do. Strictly speaking, Tuntun can be considered your senior brother disciple.”

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth twitched as he involuntarily howled in his heart, “Was Tuntun a human wearing the skin of a beast? How the heck was it even able to learn Genesis techniques?! Exactly what kind of beast was it?”

No matter how he howled in his heart however, he still had to learn what needed to be learnt. Hence, he could only look towards Tuntun, gently rub its head and show an extremely kind smile. “Good Tuntun. Show me the Dragon Step and Dragon Tablet Hand.”

However, Tuntun was currently in a bad mood due to being thrown by Yaoyao. Thus, it merely swept a lazy glance at Zhou Yuan before laying down, refusing to move.

Zhou Yuan extended a finger and prodded Tuntun’s fat stomach, causing a wave of meat to ripple. However, no matter how he poked and prodded, the latter did not respond at all as if it was dead.

Zhou Yuan raised an eyebrow when he saw that the little bastard was acting dead. Subsequently, he beckoned with his hand and a servant girl immediately brought over a plate of dried Genesis Beast meat.

Tuntun’s eyes moved the moment its smelled the fragrance of food. It instantly got up and pounced at the plate with a bark.

Zhou Yuan pulled the plate away, causing Tuntun to pounce at empty air. It immediately bared its teeth at Zhou Yuan and snarled.

“Show me a first and I’ll let you eat.” Zhou Yuan was all smiles.

Tuntun looked at Zhou Yuan and then looked at the enticing Genesis Beast meat. In the end, it came to a compromise before the delicious food and stood up on two legs. Its paw-feet slanted at an angle and it began to display a series of bizarre footwork.

Each step was wide and bold but gave off a mist-like sensation. Its body quickly became somewhat blur and it faintly seemed as if a real dragon was soaring within the mist, making it difficult to make out.

A small creature standing up on its hind legs and displaying complicated footwork was usually a rather comical sight. However, Zhou Yuan’s expression was exceptionally serious while his eyes were unblinkingly fixed on Tuntun.

“This is known as the Dragon Step. A dragon hides within the clouds, barely visible. Dragon Step similarly has a misty and illusory feeling, making others incapable of catching hold of you.” Yaoyao’s indifferent voice echoed from the stone pavilion.

“You may try to attack Tuntun.”

Upon hearing this, Zhou Yuan clenched his hand and the Heavenly Yuan Brush landed within it. “Martial form!”

The foot-long Heavenly Yuan Brush abruptly grew as Zhou Yuan grabbed it with both hands. Its body swiftly shot forward, wind accompanying the tip of the brush as it pierced towards Tuntun in a tricky manner. 

Zhou Yuan had spent a substantial amount of time practicing basic spear techniques recently. Therefore, the way he used the Heavenly Yuan Brush now looked a little imposing.

The brush tip ferociously shot forward. However, just as it was about to strike Tuntun, the latter’s feet slanted and its body seemed to fade away, causing the brush tip to slide past.

Zhou Yuan could not believe his eyes. Power circulated in his arms as the Heavenly Yuan Brush fiercely thrust forward with swishing sounds. It was a rather intimidating sight.

However, Tuntun continued to move, neither fast nor slow, as its body seemed to fade away from time to time. Zhou Yuan was unable to even graze the former no matter how he attacked.

In the end, Zhou Yuan stopped, gasping for breath as light blossomed in his eyes. He had realized the greatness of the Dragon Step. Such mist-like footwork could toy an enemy dizzy. It was clearly no ordinary auxiliary Genesis technique.

Tuntun also slowed down when it saw that Zhou Yuan had stopped. Its little claw patted its fat stomach and pointed Zhou Yuan with a sneer.

“Once the Dragon Step is learnt, one’s Genesis Qi will vibrate with the air, creating a smokescreen-like effect. That is how the fade-away effect comes about. In other words, others might see that an attack is aimed at your throat but in reality, the attack has deviated three inches away from your real body. It is these three inches of deviation in which the Dragon Step displays its greatness.”

“Next is the Dragon Tablet Hand.” Said Yaoyao in a drawn-out manner.

Zhou Yuan raised his head and looked towards Tuntun. It ferociously pounced, its paws swiping and grabbing in a wild and free manner. This sight vaguely resembled a giant dragon reaching out its claws and gave off a bold and powerful aura as if a giant dragon was smashing a mountain with a tablet.


Claw shadows appeared and heavily slammed into a boulder, instantly shattering it, causing countless pieces of shattered rock to be flung outwards.

Zhou Yuan’s pupils shrunk a little. The power behind this strike was truly domineering. Most importantly, he could feel that Tuntun had not used powerful Genesis Qi. This meant that the power of this technique would not be weak if he was the one to use it instead.

The Dragon Tablet Hand was clearly much stronger than the Universe Origin Fist and the Bright Air-Shattering Fist.

Ao ao.

Tuntun hopped till it was right in front of Zhou Yuan, pointed its paw at the plate of dried Genesis Beast meat and barked as if to hurry him.

Zhou Yuan put down the dried meat with a look of contemplation in his eyes. He considered himself to be achieved basic mastery of the frolicking dragon forms after practicing for the past few days. Thus, he could tell with a single glance that both the Dragon Step and Dragon Tablet Hand from earlier were basically derived from the dragon frolicking forms.

Zhou Yuan stood in silence for a long time before he suddenly lifted his foot and stepped forward at an angle. His steps were abnormally eccentric, yet remarkable like a soaring dragon. Meanwhile, the first meridian channel in his body began to absorb the surrounding Genesis Qi before diffusing it out from his body.

The instant the circulation of Genesis Qi in his body aligned with his steps, Zhou Yuan shifted his feet horizontally and his body blurred for a moment, unable to be found. It was rather bizarre.

In the stone pavilion, Yaoyao’s eyes faintly flashed when she saw this. Soon after, a smile of admiration was revealed on her face.

Evidently, Zhou Yuan had grasped a little of the Dragon Step.

Zhou Yuan continued to practice. An incense stick of time later, his originally inexperienced steps had grown much more practiced. He seemed to absent-mindedly shift his feet, causing his body to fade away from time to time, becoming as difficult to discern as the mist.

Zhou Yuan eventually stopped, eyes filled with surprise and excitement. The Dragon Step was really amazing. The moment one seemingly faded away was in fact due to a certain special reaction between one’s Genesis Qi and the surrounding air. It hid one’s true location, making it hard to tell what was real or fake, ultimately making it difficult for others to find.

After gaining some understanding of the Dragon Step, Zhou Yuan’s thoughts shifted to the Dragon Tablet Hand.

This bold and powerful Genesis technique was akin to a giant dragon smashing a mountain with a tablet. That instantaneous explosion of power was obviously rather shocking.

The technique was not overly complicated. One only needed to visualise the destructive feeling of a giant dragon flinging a tablet while making Genesis Qi flow along one’s channels and brazenly attack.

Zhou Yuan’s fist seemed to flicker. It appeared to move in slow-motion but gave off a feeling of heaviness as if dragging a heavy tablet while energy brewed within it.

Meanwhile, Genesis Qi flowed along the meridian channel in his body and poured into his fist.

At a certain moment, Zhou Yuan’s eyes suddenly focused as his immature face became stern. His hand abruptly moved, one pulling, the other guiding, as if he was a giant dragon smashing the stone tablet in his claws at an unbroken mountain range.


Zhou Yuan’s fist heavily smashed into a thick tree trunk. Berserk power exploded from the centre of his fist, immediately causing wood splinters to fly as he pierced  the entire trunk with a single punch. 

Sweat flowed down Zhou Yuan’s face, but his eyes were exceptionally bright. He knew that his battle power would jump with the Dragon Step and the Dragon Tablet Hand.

Next, once he unblocked his second meridian channel, he would no longer have anything to fear in the newcomer exam.

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